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4th October, 2023
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Communication to CHQ
Extension of Time Barring Date- Letter to the Secretary General, CHQ
Uploaded On ..2016-11-15 12:47:54
Letter to the CHQ dated 09.02.2016
Uploaded On ..2016-02-11 12:49:30
APAR deficiency list of 2006 (Left Over) & 2007 (1:1) Batches- CHQ Communication
Uploaded On ..2015-10-02 07:54:23
Letter to CHQ regarding deficient APARs of ITOs
Uploaded On ..2015-03-24 17:47:46
2nd Supplementary List for AGT 2015 sent to CHQ
Uploaded On ..2015-03-12 12:35:12
Supplementary List of Compiled Representations for AGT 2015-sent to CHQ
Uploaded On ..2015-03-10 17:28:53
Compiled List of representations for AGT, 2015 sent to CHQ-JCIT/Addl CIT
Uploaded On ..2015-03-10 05:55:34
Compiled List of representations for AGT, 2015 sent to CHQ-ACIT/DCIT
Uploaded On ..2015-03-10 05:54:28
CHQ Letter to CBDT regarding online TMS approval
Uploaded On ..2015-03-07 16:25:51
ITGOA WB Unit's letter in response to the CHQ's Circular dtd. 30.12.13.
Uploaded On ..2014-06-12 07:31:07
Resolution adopted at the E.C. Meeting of ITGOA (W.B) held on 23.08.13
Uploaded On ..2013-08-28 12:06:51
Lists of ACIT/DCIT/JCIT communicated to CHQ
Uploaded On ..2013-05-29 12:28:43
Anomalies in recent AGT Orders-letter to CHQ
Uploaded On ..2013-05-29 12:23:43
Intensification of agitation (letter to CHQ) dated 15.03.13
Uploaded On ..2013-03-18 09:21:38
Notes for Secretariat meeting on 10.03.2013
Uploaded On ..2013-03-11 10:16:20
Delay in promotions from ITO to ACIT Regularization of adhoc promotions of JCsIT
Uploaded On ..2013-03-07 13:23:54

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