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28th July, 2017
West Bengal Unit
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Communication from CBDT
Swachh Action Plan for 2017-18 & 2018-19
Uploaded On ..2017-07-28 02:00:06
Setting up of new ASK Centres in West Bengal
Uploaded On ..2017-07-28 01:57:09
Communication of deficient APAR through e-mail
Uploaded On ..2017-07-28 01:54:59
Chairman's DO on celebration of Income Tax Day
Uploaded On ..2017-07-25 12:37:25
Chairman's Certificate of Appreciation on the occasion of Independence Day
Uploaded On ..2017-07-25 12:35:52
Release of Film on Income Tax Day
Uploaded On ..2017-07-22 19:19:21
Publication of name of defaulters in public domain
Uploaded On ..2017-07-22 19:18:21
Requirement of IPR for vigilance clearance during deputation, empanelment etc.
Uploaded On ..2017-07-22 19:17:16
CBDT OM on political or outside influence for T&P
Uploaded On ..2017-07-22 19:14:45
Clarification related to APAR filling on HRMS using digital signature
Uploaded On ..2017-07-14 02:07:57
OM regaring permission to travel by private airlines to the sectors where Air India doesn't operate
Uploaded On ..2017-07-13 13:02:54
Chiarman's DO letter dated 12.07.2017 regarding widening of Tax base
Uploaded On ..2017-07-13 12:59:21
Central Action Plan, 2017-18
Uploaded On ..2017-07-07 15:36:26
Chairman's DO on achievement of Budget Collection Target of 2017-18
Uploaded On ..2017-07-06 18:09:52
Award Scheme in the I.T. Department- Celebration of Income Tax Day on 24th July
Uploaded On ..2017-07-06 14:02:13
7CPC- Revision of Pension of pre-2016 pensioners
Uploaded On ..2017-07-05 22:09:34
Extension of APAR deadlines
Uploaded On ..2017-06-29 19:24:05
ITO APAR deficiency list
Uploaded On ..2017-06-29 19:22:34
Issues relating to RTI uploaded on e-Samiksha Portal
Uploaded On ..2017-06-26 21:35:13
Issue of Notices u/s 143(2) of IT Act, 1961 in revised format
Uploaded On ..2017-06-23 18:25:54
List of Grievances on CPGRAMS pending for more than 60 days as on 19.06.2017
Uploaded On ..2017-06-23 00:01:40
Constitution of Task Force for implementation of recommendations regarding effective assessment using Departmental database
Uploaded On ..2017-06-14 21:36:07
Skewed deployment of staff between Hqrs & Fields
Uploaded On ..2017-06-14 21:33:33
Modification of T& P Guidelines for IT&TP Wing
Uploaded On ..2017-06-13 00:27:56
PIB Notification on AADHAAR -PAN Linking
Uploaded On ..2017-06-10 23:28:18
Region wise allocation of Budgetary Target for FY 2017-18
Uploaded On ..2017-06-05 21:50:18
Swachhta Action Plan (SAP) for Department of Revenue
Uploaded On ..2017-06-05 21:49:12
Minutes of the Meeting held on 27.05.2017
Uploaded On ..2017-06-05 16:45:19
Coffee Table Book on Income Tax Department
Uploaded On ..2017-06-01 18:19:42
"Outsourcing of Services" under the Delegation of Financial Power of the HoDs of the DoR
Uploaded On ..2017-06-01 18:06:35
Availability of officers/ staff over the mobile telephones under Project Tarang
Uploaded On ..2017-05-31 18:28:26
Extension of the last date of filing of SFT
Uploaded On ..2017-05-31 17:44:51
Board's guidelines for proper utilisation of Operational Vehicles
Uploaded On ..2017-05-31 01:18:45
Constitution of a committee to suggest measures for expeditious recovery
Uploaded On ..2017-05-27 22:47:03
Draft All India Seniority List of ITOs -post NRP judgment (in excel format)
Uploaded On ..2017-05-23 17:55:38
Draft All India inter-se-seniority lists of ITOs as per judgment of Hon'ble Apex Court in N R Parmar Case.
Uploaded On ..2017-05-23 17:53:56
Creation of e-mail ID for receiving suggestions/complaints on employee related issues
Uploaded On ..2017-05-17 15:50:01
CBDT Press Release dated 16.05.2017 on launching of Operation Clean Money Portal
Uploaded On ..2017-05-16 22:51:05
Redressal of Public Grievances on CPGRAMS
Uploaded On ..2017-05-16 22:47:42
Work Allocation in attached directorates
Uploaded On ..2017-05-05 17:18:06
Redressal of Grievances on CPGRAMS Portal
Uploaded On ..2017-05-02 10:23:46
Follow up ITBA PAN Instruction no. 7
Uploaded On ..2017-04-28 20:09:20
Setting of Terminal Bank for accessing HRMS
Uploaded On ..2017-04-28 20:07:39
Submission of representation against All India AGT, 2017 order
Uploaded On ..2017-04-28 17:41:11
Data sharing compliance of IT Act, 2000 and Aadhaar Act, 2016
Uploaded On ..2017-04-28 17:36:51
Chairman's DO dated 25.04.2017 on Swatchh Bharat Abhiyaan
Uploaded On ..2017-04-26 00:46:45
Making ASK as a "Transaction Centre"
Uploaded On ..2017-04-26 00:45:28
Nomination of newly promoted ACsIT for orientation course
Uploaded On ..2017-04-26 00:43:24
Swatchhta Action Plan
Uploaded On ..2017-04-26 00:42:01
Orientation Programme for newly promoted ACsIT-from 15.05.17 to 12.07.17
Uploaded On ..2017-04-25 01:34:29
Chairman's DO Letter dated 24.04.2017 on settlement of grievances
Uploaded On ..2017-04-25 01:29:36
Central Action Plan 2017-18 (1st Quarter)
Uploaded On ..2017-04-13 15:09:06
Chairman's D.O. Letter dated 07.04.2017
Uploaded On ..2017-04-08 01:08:16
Clarification on Departmental Pension where Judicial or Departmental Proceeding pending
Uploaded On ..2017-03-31 18:14:38
Opening of Field Offices till Midnight on 31.03.2017
Uploaded On ..2017-03-30 22:37:48
Distribution of Digital Signature Certificate
Uploaded On ..2017-03-30 22:35:10
Order u/s 119 of IT Act dated 28.03.2017 (IDS, 2016)
Uploaded On ..2017-03-29 11:38:14
JS (Admn), CBDT's letter on non- availlabity of APAR
Uploaded On ..2017-03-24 18:41:36
TB Scrutiny cases- pending for uploading on the AST System
Uploaded On ..2017-03-22 17:37:12
DO Letter of the Chairman regarding completion of APAR for Reporting Year 2016-17
Uploaded On ..2017-03-20 17:36:14
Chairman CBDT's DO Letter dated 17.03.2017
Uploaded On ..2017-03-18 23:37:51
Chairman, CBDT's DO Letter dated 16.03.2017
Uploaded On ..2017-03-18 23:34:59
Comprehensive end to end e-procurement
Uploaded On ..2017-03-18 23:33:35
Draft Civil List as on 01.03.2017
Uploaded On ..2017-03-10 01:57:40
Preparation of 22nd Civil List
Uploaded On ..2017-03-10 01:56:45
Analysis of hierarchy / post creation in HRMS
Uploaded On ..2017-03-10 01:19:40
DO Letter of the Chairman dated 06.03.2017
Uploaded On ..2017-03-08 00:52:04
Expeditious Completion of Paper returns & pushed back returns in ITD
Uploaded On ..2017-03-04 10:02:09
Non acceptance of Tax under PMGKY
Uploaded On ..2017-02-25 09:44:51
SOP for handling of Service Litigations
Uploaded On ..2017-02-25 09:44:07
Conducting DPCs of VY 2017-18 for Gr. B & C Grades
Uploaded On ..2017-02-25 09:43:23
Submission of Ten Monthly Expenditure Statement- Final requirement of Fund
Uploaded On ..2017-02-25 09:42:08
Draft Copy of 22nd Edition of Civil List
Uploaded On ..2017-02-25 09:35:41
Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act, 2016
Uploaded On ..2017-02-22 23:46:17
e- Nivarana Status
Uploaded On ..2017-02-21 18:36:49
Filing of online APAR -- Clarification regarding
Uploaded On ..2017-02-14 00:52:26
AGT, 2017------Final Review List
Uploaded On ..2017-02-14 00:47:51
Framing of Quality Assessment- submission of Report
Uploaded On ..2017-02-11 13:26:22
e-Assessment - review of performance
Uploaded On ..2017-02-11 13:24:39
DO Letter of the Chairman, CBDT dated 10.02.2017
Uploaded On ..2017-02-11 13:22:55
Chairman's DO on measures for enhancing Revenue collection through TDS
Uploaded On ..2017-02-10 00:03:46
Letter to ITEF requesting them to participate in the Agitation Programme to be launched
Uploaded On ..2017-02-08 02:12:11
Chairman's DO regarding Certificate of Appreciation received by the Department
Uploaded On ..2017-02-07 00:13:05
Completion of APAR Cycle pertaining to Reporting Period 2015-16
Uploaded On ..2017-02-05 21:37:23
Post training examination for ITOs
Uploaded On ..2017-02-02 11:39:57
Operation Clean Money
Uploaded On ..2017-02-01 14:58:39
Implementation of NRP - calling for revised seniority list of ITOs
Uploaded On ..2017-02-01 14:57:36
Online submission of options by IRS Officers for AGT 2017
Uploaded On ..2017-01-31 00:50:49
ECI applauds the role of IT Deptt. during elections held in 2016- A Press Release
Uploaded On ..2017-01-31 00:24:11
Observance of silence for two minutes on 30th January at 11:00 AM
Uploaded On ..2017-01-27 23:54:39
Revision of Interest for Small Savings Scheme
Uploaded On ..2017-01-27 23:47:28
CBDT Order on dedicated structure for delivery and monitoring of TPS
Uploaded On ..2017-01-25 01:07:01
Transfer of unlisted shares by SEBI registered Alternative Investment Fund- CBDT Direction
Uploaded On ..2017-01-25 01:03:34
Online submission of IPR
Uploaded On ..2017-01-24 01:26:42
Notice for Secretariat Meeting on 07.02.2017
Uploaded On ..2017-01-22 00:19:51
Analysis of the CAP II report as on 31.12.2016
Uploaded On ..2017-01-20 01:34:40
PRAGATI- Monitoring of grievances by senior officers
Uploaded On ..2017-01-20 01:28:40
Chairman's DO on current cash collection
Uploaded On ..2017-01-13 00:42:43
AGT, 2017---Review List
Uploaded On ..2017-01-13 00:40:10
Publication of tentative Mandatory Transfer List and Review List- AGT, 2017
Uploaded On ..2017-01-13 00:38:10
Board's letter on non implementation of T&P Order
Uploaded On ..2017-01-13 00:32:38
IT Department receives Silver Award in the national award for e-Governance-2016-17
Uploaded On ..2017-01-13 00:19:55
Orders relating to National Anthem
Uploaded On ..2017-01-07 01:43:02
Redressal of grievances on CPGRAMS Portal
Uploaded On ..2017-01-02 22:35:23
Work Allocation Chart for ADG (Infra)-I & ADG (Infra)-II
Uploaded On ..2016-12-31 00:32:15
Draft Civil List (ACIT/DCIT) - Placement of officers of 2012 onward batches
Uploaded On ..2016-12-28 22:29:07
Role & Responsibility of CIT (Admn. & TPS)- clarification
Uploaded On ..2016-12-28 22:26:30
Acceptance of demonetized currency towards PMGKY
Uploaded On ..2016-12-27 18:33:20
Chairman's DO regarding discussion of official matter in social media
Uploaded On ..2016-12-24 01:29:03
Press Release on lower rate of tax for digital turnover in case of small businesses upto Rs. 2.00 Crore
Uploaded On ..2016-12-21 02:03:09
Chairman's DO Letter on cash collection from Arrear Demand
Uploaded On ..2016-12-21 01:57:49
Furnishing information regarding individual taxpayers with returned income above Rs. 10. 00 Lakh to Petroleum Ministry
Uploaded On ..2016-12-20 02:01:21
Press Release on reduced rate of deemed profit u/s 44AD
Uploaded On ..2016-12-20 01:48:58
CBDT Press Release on Filing of Revised Income Tax Returns by the Tax Payers Post Demonetisation of Currency
Uploaded On ..2016-12-15 00:24:43
DO Letter of the Chairman, CBDT dated 07.12.2016
Uploaded On ..2016-12-08 12:42:36
CBDT Press Release dated 06.12.16
Uploaded On ..2016-12-07 00:55:44
CBDT Press Release on High Value declarations in IDS dated 04.12.16
Uploaded On ..2016-12-05 00:15:20
CBDT Press Release on Jan Dhan Accounts dated 02.12.16
Uploaded On ..2016-12-05 00:14:18
CBDT Press Release on Taxation Law (Second Amendment) Bill, 2016
Uploaded On ..2016-12-02 23:57:24
Retention of RSA Tokens by the superannuating officers
Uploaded On ..2016-11-30 15:37:26
List of Time Barring Scrutiny Assessment cases as on 21.11.2016
Uploaded On ..2016-11-25 12:54:53
Circular No. 38 of 2016
Uploaded On ..2016-11-23 01:31:09
Formation of a committee to decide on concurrent jurisdiction
Uploaded On ..2016-11-23 01:28:35
Let us share : Formation of Regional Evaluation Committee for selection of best orders/ practices
Uploaded On ..2016-11-20 18:30:32
Updating of Executive Profile of IRS Officers (of WB & Sikkim region) in CMS
Uploaded On ..2016-11-20 17:50:08
CBDT Press Release on amendment in Prohibition of Benami Properties Transaction Act
Uploaded On ..2016-11-18 00:05:17
Timely and proper redressal of Public Grievances- D.O. Letter issued by the Chairman
Uploaded On ..2016-11-12 00:02:19
Suggestions on CASS parameters for the returns received in FY 2016-17
Uploaded On ..2016-11-11 23:55:23
Observance of vigilance week, 2016- taking Integrity Pledge online
Uploaded On ..2016-11-04 16:17:32
IDS 2016- Non accpetance of cash deposit for tax payment by authorized banks
Uploaded On ..2016-11-03 18:15:11
Constitution of CASS Committee for 2016-17
Uploaded On ..2016-11-02 19:02:23
D.O. Letter of the Chairman dated 01.11.2016
Uploaded On ..2016-11-02 18:53:59
Order u/s 119 dated 25.10.16
Uploaded On ..2016-10-29 01:35:58
Disallowance u/s 40(a)(i)
Uploaded On ..2016-10-29 01:33:40
Celebration of Rashtriya Ekta Diwas on 31.10.16
Uploaded On ..2016-10-29 01:31:21
Chairperson's DO Letter dated 26.10.2016 on Budget Collection
Uploaded On ..2016-10-27 17:06:18
Order No. 182 of 2016 [ Concurrent jurisdiction of CsIT(A)]
Uploaded On ..2016-10-25 22:58:56
Observance of Vigilance Week, 2016
Uploaded On ..2016-10-25 22:57:35
Modification in T&P Policy regarding IT/TP Directorate
Uploaded On ..2016-10-21 23:38:24
Launch of Property Return and Intimation module in HRMS
Uploaded On ..2016-10-21 23:35:20
Exercise to ensure accuracy of demand reported in CAP-I and CPC
Uploaded On ..2016-10-17 22:50:13
Minutes of PGRC Meeting held on 23.08.16
Uploaded On ..2016-10-14 20:05:49
Chairperson's message to Team- Income Tax
Uploaded On ..2016-10-03 18:13:16
PIB Release dated 01.10.16 on IDS 2016
Uploaded On ..2016-10-01 22:26:29
Suggestions invited from field formations for forthcoming budget exercise
Uploaded On ..2016-10-01 22:25:11
Clarification issued on the Order passed u/s 119 dated 09.09.16
Uploaded On ..2016-10-01 22:23:34
Order u/s 120(1) dated 28.09.16
Uploaded On ..2016-10-01 22:21:52
Generation of time barring scrutiny notices
Uploaded On ..2016-09-28 22:51:04
Extended Office Hours on 28th & 29th September, 2016 for IDS
Uploaded On ..2016-09-28 22:49:48
Online Examination Preparatory (OEP) Software, an initiative of DTRTI, Kolkata launched
Uploaded On ..2016-09-28 22:48:17
Extended office hours on 30.09.2016 due to IDS
Uploaded On ..2016-09-28 01:02:06
Direct Tax Dispute Resolution Scheme
Uploaded On ..2016-09-28 01:01:04
Printing of Office Telephone no. and e-mail id on 143(2) notice
Uploaded On ..2016-09-24 02:15:07
ITR 7 data related approval u/s 35 and 80G for AY 2014-15 & 2015-16
Uploaded On ..2016-09-24 02:13:19
Submission of report regarding review of Grievances by Senior Officers
Uploaded On ..2016-09-19 18:25:27
APAR deficiency list for ITOs as on 19.09.2016
Uploaded On ..2016-09-19 18:21:38
I.T. Offices to be remianed open till midnight on 30.09.2016
Uploaded On ..2016-09-16 11:07:25
Joy of Giving
Uploaded On ..2016-09-16 11:01:27
T&P of the officers for IT&TP Postings
Uploaded On ..2016-09-16 11:00:37
Extension of due date of return filing- Board's Order u/s 119 dated 09.09.2016
Uploaded On ..2016-09-11 02:15:55
International Attachment for ACIT Trainees of Orientation Programme , 2016
Uploaded On ..2016-09-07 18:15:32
Filling up of posts for Principal A.O.
Uploaded On ..2016-09-07 18:11:08
Stand relieved order- All India
Uploaded On ..2016-09-07 18:09:15
Notification No. 17 dated 01.09.2016
Uploaded On ..2016-09-07 18:07:34
Constitution of a Task Force to oversee NRP Implementation
Uploaded On ..2016-09-02 22:15:28
Online Submission of APARs by ITOs only through HRMS from 01.09.16 onwards
Uploaded On ..2016-09-02 22:13:41
Sanction Order for International Attachment of the newly promoted ACsIT (2014-15)
Uploaded On ..2016-09-01 00:29:12
CBDT Press Release on Debasish Biswas
Uploaded On ..2016-09-01 00:19:47
Approval of proposal for International Attachment of the newly promoted ACsIT (2014-15) from 19.09.2016 to 23.09.2016 at IBFD, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Uploaded On ..2016-08-31 21:44:16
Steps to facilitate Taxpayers Electronic Interface with the Income Tax Department
Uploaded On ..2016-08-30 22:05:28
Format of reporting under Chapter-lX "Exchange of Information under Tax Treaties" of the Central Action Plan 2016-17
Uploaded On ..2016-08-26 22:43:53
NADT Notification No. 3 for Officers Trainees of Orientation Programme 2016
Uploaded On ..2016-08-26 18:27:48
CBDT OM on preparion and submission of APARs of IRS officers
Uploaded On ..2016-08-26 18:23:42
Chairperson's DO on Grievance Redressal
Uploaded On ..2016-08-18 17:53:55
CBDT OM on withdrawal of uploaded draft RRs
Uploaded On ..2016-08-11 18:04:55
Draft AO Grade- II/ III Recruitment Rules
Uploaded On ..2016-08-10 23:23:37
Draft Sr. PS/PS Recruitment Rules
Uploaded On ..2016-08-10 23:21:06
Draft ITO Recruitment Rules
Uploaded On ..2016-08-09 00:47:55
Draft Principal AO Recruitment Rules
Uploaded On ..2016-08-09 00:44:07
SOP for administering Tax Payer Services
Uploaded On ..2016-08-03 22:42:26
SOP for administering Tax Payer Services
Uploaded On ..2016-08-03 22:40:08
SOP for administering Tax Payer Services
Uploaded On ..2016-08-03 22:40:08
SOP for administering Tax Payer Services
Uploaded On ..2016-08-03 22:40:07
Ms. Rani Singh Nair appointed as the Chairperson, CBDT
Uploaded On ..2016-08-02 02:05:30
Ms. Rani Singh Nair appointed as the Chairperson, CBDT
Uploaded On ..2016-08-02 02:05:29
Extension of return filing due date up to 05.08.2016
Uploaded On ..2016-07-29 23:57:44
Order u/s 119 (1) dated 29.07.2016
Uploaded On ..2016-07-29 14:16:51
Infrastructural Requirement for ITBA & e-assessment
Uploaded On ..2016-07-27 18:36:22
e-asessment- review by the Revenue Secretary
Uploaded On ..2016-07-27 18:31:20
Calling for options on promotion as ACIT (2015-16)
Uploaded On ..2016-07-26 15:24:42
Corrigendum regarding the Letter Template issued by CBDT dated 22.07.16
Uploaded On ..2016-07-26 00:13:48
CBDT's letter dated 25.07.2016 regarding new APAR
Uploaded On ..2016-07-26 00:08:02
SOP for handling of Non-PAN AIR Transactions
Uploaded On ..2016-07-23 00:45:12
Implementation of the Direct Tax Dispute Resolution Scheme - 2016
Uploaded On ..2016-07-19 22:22:06
Enhancement of delegation of financial power in respect of object head "Advertisement & Publicity"
Uploaded On ..2016-07-16 07:40:25
DO Letter of the Member (P&V) dated 08.07.16 on delay in completion of enquiry proceedings
Uploaded On ..2016-07-14 01:16:16
Follow up action regarding decisions taken in the Annual Conference of Tax Administrators, 2016
Uploaded On ..2016-07-14 01:13:40
Issue of notice u/s 143(2) in revised format
Uploaded On ..2016-07-12 01:54:50
Ensuring 100% data entry of IDS Form 1 received in paper format by PCIT/CIT
Uploaded On ..2016-07-12 01:52:35
Setting up of ASKs during F.Y. 2016-17
Uploaded On ..2016-06-28 01:20:10
CBDT Advisory on Non-official or Outside influence or VIP reference on service matters
Uploaded On ..2016-06-28 01:17:47
Introduction of Examination for newly promoted ITOs
Uploaded On ..2016-06-25 00:14:42
NJRS Project- Updating mobile numbers for filing SMS alert
Uploaded On ..2016-06-25 00:05:56
DO of the Chairman, CBDT on disposal of public grievances
Uploaded On ..2016-06-25 00:01:23
AGT 2016-Opening of Option Window for A/DCIT & J/Addl. CIT to file representation
Uploaded On ..2016-06-07 10:12:51
Instruction to view scanned APARs of IRS Officers
Uploaded On ..2016-06-07 10:07:06
Publication of names of Tax Defaulters in Public Domain
Uploaded On ..2016-05-24 23:56:58
Introduction of Paperless Assessment in Kolkata
Uploaded On ..2016-05-24 00:18:07
Forwarding of a proposal of Medical Reimbursement
Uploaded On ..2016-05-24 00:17:17
Civil Code of 2012 & 2013 Batch IRS Officers
Uploaded On ..2016-05-24 00:15:25
Notice for nominated officers (Orienttion Course) from NADT
Uploaded On ..2016-05-13 11:45:32
Revised timeline for processing of paper returns in Interim Action Plan
Uploaded On ..2016-04-10 04:15:02
Strict compliance of the orders relating National Anthem-DoR OM
Uploaded On ..2016-04-05 01:33:17
Display of complete State Emblem of India (SEI) - DoR OM
Uploaded On ..2016-04-05 01:31:58
Strict Compliance of Flag Code- CBDT OM
Uploaded On ..2016-04-05 01:30:02
Central Action Plan for 1st Quarter of 2016-17
Uploaded On ..2016-03-31 20:51:30
Monitoring of Expenditure under the Object Head "OE(Gen)"
Uploaded On ..2016-03-24 11:58:52
Withdrawal of SOP dated 20.04.15 for correction in Form 26QB challan
Uploaded On ..2016-03-24 11:56:35
Clarification regarding requirement of review of the APARs of the officers posted in Hqrs./ Admn.
Uploaded On ..2016-03-24 11:49:01
Uploading of Information relating to Penny Stock
Uploaded On ..2016-03-24 11:46:49
Instruction for conducting of DPC of Group B & C grades for the vacancy year 2016-17
Uploaded On ..2016-03-24 11:42:16
CBDT Instruction on IRS(IT) officers proceeding on leave
Uploaded On ..2016-03-16 01:30:22
Non deposit of Tax Deducted at Source by the deductor- recovery of tax from the deductee assessee
Uploaded On ..2016-03-14 14:14:09
Verification of genuineness of Agricultural Income
Uploaded On ..2016-03-12 00:04:52
CBDT clarification on applicability of Circular No. 21 of 2015
Uploaded On ..2016-03-09 22:28:21
CCL Clarification
Uploaded On ..2016-03-09 22:26:24
CBDT OM on Revised timeline for verification of arrear demand u/s245
Uploaded On ..2016-03-09 22:24:51
List of pending time barring cases u/s 143(3) & 143(1) of I.T. Act 1961 as on 26.02.2016
Uploaded On ..2016-03-03 23:18:29
Dedicated structure for delivery and monitoring of Tax Payer Services in the Income Tax Department
Uploaded On ..2016-02-29 23:04:24
Partial Modification of Instruction No. 1914 dated 21.03.1996
Uploaded On ..2016-02-29 23:03:39
Immediate verification by AOs of outstanding demands where notices u/s 245 issued by CPC
Uploaded On ..2016-02-29 22:55:38
Verification of qualifying service after 18 years of service and 5 years before retirement
Uploaded On ..2016-02-25 22:32:56
Reconciliation of expenditure figures by DDO with ZAO- CBDT Communication
Uploaded On ..2016-02-25 22:31:10
Guidelines for seeking information from FIU
Uploaded On ..2016-02-15 22:08:25
Addition for new address functionality for NMS cases in AIMS module
Uploaded On ..2016-02-11 01:40:29
DO Letter of the Chairman, CBDT regarding Public Grievances
Uploaded On ..2016-02-09 00:04:32
DO Letter of the Chairman, CBDT regarding Budget Collecton
Uploaded On ..2016-02-09 00:03:38
Request for Exchange of Information from field offices of time barring assessment cases
Uploaded On ..2016-02-09 00:01:17
CBDT OM on issue of refunds dated 29.01.2016
Uploaded On ..2016-02-02 14:11:49
Board's communication on NMS Cycle-4 cases made available in AIMS
Uploaded On ..2016-01-28 18:01:24
Deadline for completing APAR of 2014-15
Uploaded On ..2016-01-13 22:59:07
CBDT Press Release on changes made in APAR format for assessing officers
Uploaded On ..2016-01-09 00:13:01
CBDT OM on official Twitter Account
Uploaded On ..2016-01-07 00:11:39
CBDT Press Release regarding electronic filing of first appeal before CIT(A)
Uploaded On ..2015-12-30 17:52:41
Uploaded On ..2015-12-24 21:56:27
Facilitating Taxpayers' electronic interface with the Department
Uploaded On ..2015-12-24 21:55:09
Distribution of Works among the Members, CBDT
Uploaded On ..2015-12-19 00:53:02
CBDT Press Release on reduced litigation
Uploaded On ..2015-12-17 01:50:41
CBDT Press Release on significant decisions taken in last 3 months
Uploaded On ..2015-12-17 01:48:58
CBDT Press Release on quoting of PAN for different transactions
Uploaded On ..2015-12-17 01:43:22
OM on collegium for considering withdrawal of appeal
Uploaded On ..2015-12-17 01:40:31
Deficient APAR of 2006 & 2007 Batch
Uploaded On ..2015-12-17 01:38:18
CBDT's letter on issuance of refund < Rs. 50,000 in non-CASS cases
Uploaded On ..2015-12-05 00:06:42
List of deficient APARs of 2001 left over Batch & 2002 Batch of IRS officers
Uploaded On ..2015-12-02 23:32:40
International Attachment at IRBM, Malaysia of ACsIT promoted in 2014
Uploaded On ..2015-11-28 21:52:12
Redressal of grievances received by e-mail at ASK
Uploaded On ..2015-10-27 23:48:43
Setting up a committee to simplify the provisions of IT Act,1961
Uploaded On ..2015-10-27 23:47:45
APAR Deficiency List of ITOs- Communication from the Board dtd 21.10.15
Uploaded On ..2015-10-22 17:06:01
Minutes of the meeting of the Board with CJCA held on 20.10.2015
Uploaded On ..2015-10-22 11:24:17
Board's letter on Hierarchy building and roll out of HRMS
Uploaded On ..2015-10-21 15:03:04
Board's letter to all Pr CCsIT (CCA) for adequate infrastructure
Uploaded On ..2015-10-21 15:01:32
CBDT Communication on paperless assessment proceedings
Uploaded On ..2015-10-19 17:50:51
Monitoring of timely effect to the order of the CIT (A)
Uploaded On ..2015-10-10 22:36:01
D.O.R. O.M. on furnishing of Asset-Liability Return under Lokpal Act
Uploaded On ..2015-09-30 23:38:00
International Attachment of ACsIT promoted in 2014
Uploaded On ..2015-09-28 23:55:07
CBDT Press Release on circulation of fake order regarding extension of return filing due date
Uploaded On ..2015-09-28 23:53:35
Generation of Scrutiny Notices u/s 143(2) for PANs selected in CASS 2015
Uploaded On ..2015-09-27 00:52:02
Deficiency List of ACRs/ APARs of IRS(IT) officers of 2002 batch
Uploaded On ..2015-09-10 22:14:58
CBDT OM on Deficiencies in writing/reporting of APARs
Uploaded On ..2015-09-10 22:11:36
Replacement of RSA Token
Uploaded On ..2015-09-03 17:31:19
Basis of calculation for determining the target for addition of new assessees
Uploaded On ..2015-09-02 18:12:47
Extension of Due Date for filing of return
Uploaded On ..2015-09-02 18:11:15
Filing of Review Petition/ Misc. Application before HC/ITAT
Uploaded On ..2015-08-29 10:10:43
Replacement of RSA Token
Uploaded On ..2015-08-21 23:20:11
Office Memorandum on Digital India- Software initiatives
Uploaded On ..2015-08-21 23:19:01
APAR deficiency list of 2003 Batch
Uploaded On ..2015-08-13 22:26:14
List of pending rectification in demand cases as on 22.07.2015
Uploaded On ..2015-08-13 22:23:28
Data required fro CAG Report for 2014-15
Uploaded On ..2015-08-07 18:28:29
CBDT OM on Leaving Station/Hqrs.
Uploaded On ..2015-08-07 18:27:16
CISO Instruction 1
Uploaded On ..2015-07-19 22:18:28
CBDT's letter on revision of All India Seniority List of ITOs in compliance to NRP judgment
Uploaded On ..2015-07-18 14:43:56
CBDT communication on Target for New Tax Payers for FY 2015-16 and strategy to achieve the same
Uploaded On ..2015-07-18 14:38:34
Information sought for no. of working ACIT to determine the vacancy for promotion
Uploaded On ..2015-07-16 17:48:30
CPC Notification No. 01/2015: Extension of due date for furnishing of ITR- V
Uploaded On ..2015-07-16 00:01:43
Order No. 02/ FT & T R/2015: Jurisdiction of TRP
Uploaded On ..2015-07-15 23:54:19
Letter of DGIT(L&R) on implementation of National Judicial Reference System (NJRS)
Uploaded On ..2015-07-10 18:10:14
CBDT Instruction for using the Income Tax Business Application (ITBA) Appeal Module
Uploaded On ..2015-07-10 00:59:13
Expeditious disposal of applications for rectification u/s 154
Uploaded On ..2015-07-10 00:54:53
Linking orders passed on line with prior demand
Uploaded On ..2015-07-10 00:50:10
CBDT instruction on filing of appeals on merit
Uploaded On ..2015-07-10 00:44:56
CBDT Instruction on conducting DPC for Gr. B & C Grades for 2015-16
Uploaded On ..2015-06-17 23:18:56
Circular reg Principles laid down by Hon'ble SC in the case of Shri Ajay Kumar Choudhary
Uploaded On ..2015-06-15 18:50:21
Timely Filing of CAP-I of June,2015
Uploaded On ..2015-06-11 21:55:20
Filing of IT Return for A.Y. 2015-16- extension of due date
Uploaded On ..2015-06-11 21:53:53
Expeditious disposal of rectification applications filed
Uploaded On ..2015-06-08 10:42:03
LTC Claims - Need for observing prescribed procedures
Uploaded On ..2015-05-27 17:56:55
Indian Revenue Service Rules, 2015
Uploaded On ..2015-05-23 23:24:14
Minutes of the meeting to review NRP implementation , held at o/o the DG(HRD), CBDT
Uploaded On ..2015-05-19 17:21:27
APAR Deficiency Period for 2002 Batch Officers
Uploaded On ..2015-05-14 18:24:08
Role & responsibility of CIT (Admn. & CO)
Uploaded On ..2015-05-14 18:23:19
Board's Letter on effective monitoring and disposal of grievances
Uploaded On ..2015-04-30 13:49:38
Information Technology- Procurement, Obsolescence and Disposal Policy
Uploaded On ..2015-04-23 19:17:59
Post AGT New Representation Window for ACIT/DCIT
Uploaded On ..2015-04-20 17:56:26
Completion of PAN Migration activity as per the new jurisdiction orders post restructuring
Uploaded On ..2015-04-16 18:36:32
APAR Deficiency List of 2003 & 2004 Batches
Uploaded On ..2015-04-10 22:41:50
Latest APAR Deficiency List of 2001 &2002 Batch ITOs
Uploaded On ..2015-04-08 12:05:21
CHQ Circular No. 8
Uploaded On ..2015-03-30 23:35:14
NJRS Project: Application for & distribution of User ID & Password
Uploaded On ..2015-03-27 18:29:36
Chairperson's DO regarding disposal of grievance petitions on Top Priority
Uploaded On ..2015-03-27 15:25:51
Board's Letter on allocation of Posts to West Bengal
Uploaded On ..2015-03-24 18:30:40
CBDT's Press Release on Undisclosed Foreign Income & Asset( Imposition of Tax) Bill,2015
Uploaded On ..2015-03-24 15:42:11
Central Action Plan for 1st Quarter of 2015-16
Uploaded On ..2015-03-24 15:36:33
Soft Launch of NJRS Project & distribution of User Id
Uploaded On ..2015-03-19 18:05:00
SOP for Staff Car & Operational Vehicles issued by the Board
Uploaded On ..2015-03-16 23:23:03
SOP for Operational Vehicles issued by the Board
Uploaded On ..2015-03-16 23:21:52
Constitution of Exclusive Bench by Hon'ble Supreme Court to deal with Tax Matters
Uploaded On ..2015-03-10 22:54:33
Status Quo Order issued by the CBDT regarding diversion of posts
Uploaded On ..2015-02-27 12:34:32
Request for exchange of information from field formation of T.B. assessment cases
Uploaded On ..2015-02-20 23:38:32
CBDT Press Release on Budget Collection
Uploaded On ..2015-02-13 19:19:53
APAR deficiency list for ITOs
Uploaded On ..2015-01-30 18:04:31
All India AGT, 2015-On Line submission of Representation of Group A Officers
Uploaded On ..2015-01-30 17:57:30
Minutes of Extended Secreatariat Meeting held in Delhi on 04.01.2015.
Uploaded On ..2015-01-08 23:50:50
Public Meeting Day for hearing of Public Grievances
Uploaded On ..2015-01-08 23:42:55
Public Meeting Day for hearing of Public Grievances
Uploaded On ..2015-01-08 23:37:53
S.O.P. for administering TDS
Uploaded On ..2015-01-06 02:09:56
CBDT Guidelines on Compounding of Offences
Uploaded On ..2014-12-26 15:19:00
CBDT Instruction regarding admission of undisclosed income during search & survey
Uploaded On ..2014-12-20 09:47:27
CBDT'S Instruction on AEBAS
Uploaded On ..2014-12-18 19:38:47
CBDT Instruction for conducting of DPC for Gr B & C posts for 2014-15
Uploaded On ..2014-12-03 00:41:31
Annual Medical Examination for IRS(IT) officers
Uploaded On ..2014-12-03 00:39:39
Constitution of DRP
Uploaded On ..2014-11-26 10:24:27
APAR Deficiency List of ITOs of WB region as on 31.10.2014.
Uploaded On ..2014-11-21 16:19:27
Draft IRS Recruitment Rule published in Departmental Website
Uploaded On ..2014-11-19 15:24:22
Deficiency List of 2010 Batch for granting Sr. Time Scale
Uploaded On ..2014-11-18 18:13:14
Rationalization of posts in Cadre Restructuring
Uploaded On ..2014-11-15 18:41:56
Jurisdiction Notification of CIT(A) Charges
Uploaded On ..2014-11-14 18:37:51
Jurisdiction Notification of Central Charges
Uploaded On ..2014-11-14 11:46:38
Jurisdiction Notification of Investigation Wing
Uploaded On ..2014-11-14 11:45:36
Corrigendum Order to Jurisdiction Notifications
Uploaded On ..2014-11-14 11:44:48
Minutes of Video Conference held by Member (P&V)
Uploaded On ..2014-11-12 18:30:14
Jurisdiction Notification of TDS charges
Uploaded On ..2014-11-12 12:49:00
Jurisdiction Notification of International Taxation charges
Uploaded On ..2014-11-12 12:46:41
Jurisdiction Notification of Pr. CCIT (Int Tax)
Uploaded On ..2014-11-12 12:44:58
Workshop on Mapping of new Hierarchy consequent to new jurisdiction
Uploaded On ..2014-11-11 14:51:51
CBDT's OM on steps towards Non-adversarial Tax Regime
Uploaded On ..2014-11-07 22:54:02
Board's letter on Additional charges to be held after Jurisdiction Notification
Uploaded On ..2014-11-07 22:19:01
DG System's letter on additional nodes & RSA Token
Uploaded On ..2014-11-07 22:11:05
New Advisory on NRP Implementation
Uploaded On ..2014-11-07 18:41:40
All India Jurisdiction Notification
Uploaded On ..2014-10-31 17:31:32
Board's Guideline on implementation of N.R. Parmar Verdict
Uploaded On ..2014-09-29 16:00:51
Swachha Shapath
Uploaded On ..2014-09-26 12:23:49
Notice for Quarterly Review Meeting to be held on 13.10.2014.
Uploaded On ..2014-09-26 01:08:06
Board's Instruction on current year manual scrutiny selectio
Uploaded On ..2014-09-05 01:12:16
CBDT's O.M. on maintaining the schedule of appointments with tax payers
Uploaded On ..2014-09-01 10:33:53
Rolling out of new Help Desk from 01.09.2014.
Uploaded On ..2014-09-01 10:32:25
CBDT's Circular on extension of due date for furnishing of Tax Audit Report
Uploaded On ..2014-08-23 23:22:50
CBDT's O.M. on cleanliness and punctuality in the office
Uploaded On ..2014-08-23 22:54:24
Deficiency List of 2002,2003 & 2004 Batch IRS Officers
Uploaded On ..2014-07-14 18:12:21
Board's Instruction on conducting DPC for the Vacancy Year 2013-14
Uploaded On ..2014-06-12 13:01:07
Central Action Plan for 1st Quarter of 2014-15
Uploaded On ..2014-06-12 13:01:07
Highlights of the Video Conference held on 20.03.2014.
Uploaded On ..2014-06-12 13:01:07
CBDT's letter on improper use of State Emblem of India
Uploaded On ..2014-06-12 13:01:07
List of deficient ACRs/APARs of IRS officers of 2009/earlier batches
Uploaded On ..2014-06-12 13:01:07
List of deficient ACRs/APARs of IRS officers of 2009/earlier batches
Uploaded On ..2014-06-12 13:01:07
Revision of rates for hiring of staff cars/ operational vehicles
Uploaded On ..2014-06-12 13:01:07
Revenue Audit-Standard Templates/Tables for Department Centric Audit
Uploaded On ..2013-11-15 12:13:46
Extension of due date for TARs and Returns
Uploaded On ..2013-10-24 14:41:22
Deficient ACRs/APARs of ITOs
Uploaded On ..2013-10-03 21:22:58
CBDT Instruction No. 13/2013
Uploaded On ..2013-09-20 22:34:00
2nd & 4th Cycle of CASS Selection
Uploaded On ..2013-09-20 22:32:23

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